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A Direct-Pay Clinic

We value quality healthcare, and so we do not contract with any insurances, and patients pay directly. Here's why:


When the metric of doing a good job is the patient in front of the doctor, and not someone behind a desk at an insurance company, it refocuses that doctor on what is important ... the patient's personal needs.

More Time

Taking "insurance" often leads to an overwhelmed provider because the insurance model incentivizes them to see more patients. We don't have that problem and are able to offer patients 1-hour appointments as needed.

No Waiting

As a natural condition of not taking insurance, we are not overwhelmed and are able to offer visits quickly. We don't have a "waiting room," only a reception.


Removing insurance means there's no longer a "middle-man" standing between you and your care. No more prior authorizations, co-pays, deductibles, etc. Get the care you deserve, and get it privately.

Just because we do not take insurance, does not mean you cannot use your insurance. We can file an out-of-network claim for you through Not sure if you have coverage? Click the link below:

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