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Ingrown Toenail Treatment


Simple in-office procedure!
Chattanooga, TN.

Board-Certified Podiatrist Dr Andrew Alward DPM.

Onyfix for ingrown toenails

What is Onyfix?

Onyfix is a revolutionary device that has been developed as a nail correction system to address chronic ingrown toenails painlessly!

How does it work?

  1. Onyfix is molded to your toenail as it comes out from the skin. The toenail at this point is the flattest of its development.

  2. The device then over time (several months) pulls the toenail upward away from the skin fold where the ingrown toenail occurs.

  3. Pain typically resolves over about a months time.

onyfix graphic


Does it hurt to apply the Onyfix?

No, it is painless to apply Onyfix

How long does Onyfix stay on the toenail?

Typically it should stay for at least 3-4 months. They may need to be on longer, and occasionally a second application is required.

Can I shower with the Onyfix?

Yes! It is completely waterproof.

What limitations are there while this is on?

Typically any kicking type exercises/ sports may require to be limited as this may shorten the life of the device.

My toenail looks infected. Can I still get Onyfix?

You may still need surgery on an ingrown toenail if it is at a certain point that it has broken the skin, and/or is infected. In this situation, we can perform the surgery in the office under nitrous oxide, and bring you back into the clinic later to apply the onyfix if possible.

Is this covered by insurance?

No it is not covered by insurances. 


  • $175

    • $75 consultation fee + $100 Onyfix​

    • Includes 1 toenail.

    • +$50 for each additional toenail.

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Dr Andrew Alward DPM

Dr. Andrew Alward DPM

Board-Certified Podiatrist

A native of Illinois, after completing his medical training in Chicago, IL Dr. Alward relocated to Chattanooga, TN with his wife for the love of the outdoors, great hospitality, and community of Chattanooga! He is honored to serve the area!​

  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Rosalind Franklin University North Chicago, IL

  • Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Residency Sts Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center Chicago, IL

  • Board Certified American Board of Podiatric Medicine

  • Fellow of the American College of Podiatric Medicine

  • Special Interest & Post-Graduate Education in Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery

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